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How to install a Sump Pump In Edmonton


How to install a Sump Pump In Edmonton

This guide is to teach you how to remove and replace an existing broken sump pump with a new sump pump. If your house needs a new installation then you will require a lot more work than what I am going to explain here.

Checking Your Sump Pump

Each spring before the snow has melted away you should check your sump pump to see if the pump is working. You can do this by running a hose from a laundry or faucet close by and running water into the sump barrel. As the water level rises the float will also rise and the pump will turn on.

If your pump turns on before the water level gets passed about 3/4 of the tank then you know your pump is working. This does not mean it will work all summer, but normally a pump that ceases will cease in the first use of the season. This is one of the reasons air conditioning companies are so busy in the spring and furnace companies are so busy in the fall.

If the water continues to rise without the pump turning on then you need to replace your sump pump. Either follow the steps I have outlined in this article or give us a call at 780-264-0878

As I said before, just because the pump turns on during start-up does not mean you are safe for the season. The best way to make sure you are safe from flooding your home is by installing a battery operated backup system. Even if your pump does not fail but the power goes out, the battery operated pump will work. Give us a call if you would like one installed in your home, 780-264-0878

How to Install a Replacement Sump Pump

Most sump pumps have two cords coming from the pump. One is for the float and one is for the motor on the pump. A lot of these will plug into each other so power goes to the pump only when the float opens the power. Really just a basic switch that requires activation.

Unplug both cords from the outlet.

Take out the 4 screws holding down the cover of the sump barrel

Remove the lid

If the water happens to be high you should use an utility pump to take out some of the water in the barrel. Just run a hose outside and pump the water away from your house.

Be Smart about this, water and electricity do not mix!

Now cut (make a square cut) the 1 1/2 inch ABS pipe at the top part of the barrel on the horizontal making sure you have enough pipe to add a fitting when hooking the new pump back up.

Pull out the old sump pump and rest on a towel.

Take a 1 1/2 inch threaded by fitting ABS adapter and put some Teflon tape around the threads, put the Teflon on clockwise. Thread into the pump hand tight.

Glue a check valve onto a piece of ABS pipe. Hold the valve at the top of the pipe until the glue is dry or you will glue your valve closed. Now glue check valve into the adapter that you threaded into the pump. Don’t over do it with the glue.

Once the glue set tighten the adapter into the pump good and snug. No need to tighten with a wrench or you could crack the fitting.

Now place the new pump beside the old pump.

Hold a 90 at the height of the old 90 from the old pump and cut off the pipe at the right height.

Now measure the length of the pipe that is coming out of the old 90 where you cut it off. You will need this same amount of pipe. Glue the 90 into the riser from the sump pump and then glue the pipe into the 90.

Use the same configuration that was used with the old pipe.

Now grab the pump by the handle as set back down into the sump barrel.

Take a coupler and glue to the pipe you cut off, then glue to the new pipe on the new pump.

Give the glue about a minute to dry.

Plug in the sump pump and test.

Give us a call if you need some help 780-264-0878




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