Stages of Plumbing

As with so many areas of construction and renovation there are certain stages that are required to be completed prior to moving on.

This article is about the different stages of plumbing that happen in new home construction, renovation, or basement development.

Ground Work

If you are building a new home then the first stage might be bringing the services into your house, either a plumber or the excavation company will do this for you.  You will need a permit from the City of Edmonton and get this stage inspected about the same time the footings are being poured.

Edmonton whole house back water valve, edmonton plumbing ground work, basement bathroom
Back water valve on a basement bathroom during the ground work for the plumbing in Edmonton

In new home construction there are two points when the ground work can be done.  Sometimes once the walls are poured for the basement the ground work can be installed, inspected and then buried.  In many cases though the ground work will be completed at the same time as the rest of the rough-in plumbing.  Check with the City of Edmonton to make sure this is still the case.

During the ground work phase all of the drains will be hooked up to the main service and any basement bathrooms for the future will need to be installed at this point.  Also, the main water line will need to be brought from the service to the area where the meter will eventually be placed.  Today that is the mechanical room or furnace room.

Water lines in a house underground are generally going to be made out of PEX or copper.  The drain lines in the ground are generally ABS, but could be PVC drain line (white) or PVC (grey).

Before the drain leaves the house is where you will want to have your whole house backwater valve installed.  These help with any potential sewage backups that might occur.

If the job you are having done is a basement development then you might see cast iron under the cement.  The pipe will need to be cut in two places to make room for the Y fitting you will install for your basement bathroom.

Get your ground work inspected by the City of Edmonton, Strathcona County or the location you are living in.

Rough In Plumbing

The rough in plumbing stage can be part of the ground work stage but not in all cases.  This stage you will need to install all of your drains and vent pipes as well as the water lines.  You will also need to install all of the bathtubs, showers, or shower bases that you have going into your house.  This has to be done regardless of whether you are building a new home, basement development or renovating your house.

You will also need all the faucets for those fixtures to be installed at this stage.  These might also include any body sprays or a steamer for your steam shower.

Now you will need to call for an inspection for your plumbing rough in.  This is the case if you live in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove or any other area of Alberta.  If you were able to do this stage in conjunction with the ground work then that part will also require inspection.

Make sure the plumber you hire tests everything before the walls are closed up.

For the most part the materials used will be a ABS for drains and vents, PEX or Wirsbo (a type of PEX) for water lines, and copper for the bath and shower faucets.

Before the drywall can be put up you will need all of your gas lines installed as well.  This is always part of the rough in plumbing stage, but sometimes left to another contractor if the plumber does not have a gas ticket. (Kramer Plumbing and Radiant Heat has a gas ticket)  Learn more in the gas section of this website.

Finish Plumbing

This is the final stage for your plumbing system.  In a new house this is when you install all of the toilets and other plumbing fixtures, shut off valves and trim kits.  As well as installing the water heater, hooking up the fireplaces and other gas appliances.

This stage as of this writing does not require an inspection.  But always check with the City of Edmonton or Strathcona County to make sure this has not changed.

After each fixture has been installed your plumber (Kramer Plumbing and Radiant Heat will) should check for leaks on all fixtures and appliances.

Just a side note. If you are installing a claw foot tub or freestanding tub then you will do this in the finish stage not the rough in stage.  The same will be true in some cases for showers that get slid into place.

Code says that shut off valves are only required at the toilets, dishwasher and water heater.  Kramer Plumbing and Radiant Heat install shut off valves at all sinks for a fast shut off for the homeowner.  This is slightly more expensive but will be a huge benefit for you later on.  We also install quarter turn stainless on teflon shut off valves for your convenience.

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