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This article is about everything to do with bathtubs in the city of Edmonton. including installations, choosing, types and styles.

Choosing a Bathtub in Edmonton

For most homes in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas you will find your choice of bathtub will be based on the space you have rather than what you want. Most bathrooms have an existing bathtub that takes up a 5 foot space by about 30 to 36 inches. When you choose your new bathtub you will need to fill a similar space. Without moving walls this is the only choice you have.

The only way to change the bathtub dimensions is to either move a wall or redesign your bathroom.

You can make other choices though. You can install a steel or acrylic tub that can have water jets, air jets or just a soaker tub.

Remember that when you choose a bathtub you must choose one that has the drain on the same side as the bathtub currently uses.

Bathtubs either use a left hand, right hand, or center drain.

Which side is my drain on?

Picture yourself sitting or standing in the tub and facing the drain. Which hand is facing the open side of the tub, or which hand can you reach out and touch the floor?

Another method is if you are facing the tub as if you were about to step into the tub what side is the drain on?

You need this information prior to buying a replacement bathtub.

Types and Styles of Bathtubs in Edmonton

Steel Bathtubs

Today’s steel bathtubs are much cheaper than the tubs that were installed in houses years ago.

These tubs now require a styrofoam base to support the tub. If you or your plumber remove this base before installation and do not use it you can easily warp your tub in the future. And since bathtubs are the most difficult fixture to install and have to be done in the rough in stage you are looking at a huge cost if this is done wrong.

A good soaker tub is about double the price of a steel tub, but the added investment is very much worth it.

Acrylic/Fibreglass bathtubs

Acrylic tubs use fibreglass as well as acrylic but are much stronger than straight fibreglass.

As far as the bathtubs I have installed in the past there is not a huge difference as far as the installation goes. Acrylic tubs cost more but you get what you pay for. Meaning Acrylic bathtubs are better!

5 Foot Skirted Bathtub

These are the most bathtubs in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, and area.

These tubs have been the standard for years in Edmonton and the only real change is the material the tubs are made from today.

6 Foot Skirted tub.

These tubs are not nearly as common, but if you have the space a lot of people love the extra room.

5 Foot removable Skirt Bathtub

Normally the removable skirt is for access to a pump on a jetted tub, but some tubs do have a removable skirt which makes hooking up the drain a bit easier.

In fact if you do not want to open up the wall behind the tub or open up the ceiling below the tub a removable skirt is the way to go.

Water Jet Bathtubs

Often people call these bathtubs Jacuzzi tubs, but Jacuzzi is a name brand that makes great jetted tubs, but they are not the only ones.

The pros of a jetted tub is you can relax a lot more and take your mind off of your day in a jetted tub compared with a soaker tub.

The cons of a jetted tub is you need to get electricity to the tub to supply the pumps. Pumps can fail, water jets can get dirty and difficult to clean.

Air Tubs

Air tubs are more expensive that jetted tubs but I am told that the therapeutic value of an air tub is far greater than a jetted tub. Personally I have only installed air tubs and have never actually used one. I do have some clients that have given me some great feedback over the years on air tubs and are very happy with their choice.

Drop in Tubs

A drop in tub is a tub that drops into a space that has been framed. The tile will sit under the lip of the tub. When installing a drop in tub you need to put shims under the lip to hold the tub into place until the tile is installed.
Most tubs will use a wall mounted faucet but a drop in tub will use deck mounted faucets. Drop in tubs still get installed during the rough in stage prior to the tile going on. All the connections for the faucet and the drains happen on the unfinished side of the tile.

This is not much different than any other bathtub, as all tubs and faucets are installed prior to the drywall and finish stages.

In some cases if the tub is not ready the house can still be dry walled and the tub can be installed later. That way nothing is holding up the rest of the construction or renovation of the home.

Free Standing Bathtubs

Free standing bathtubs are all the rage right now and rightfully so. These tubs hold more water, look gorgeous and are the center of any bathroom renovation.

These tubs are often part of a new home construction or renovation project as the rough in never lines up with the old bathtub drains or water lines.

The faucets can be installed on the floor or if there is room on the deck can be installed there as well.

Unlike a regular bathtub a free standing tub is installed during the finish stage of the plumbing.

The rough in of the tub and faucets have to be perfect or when it comes time to install the tub you could run into home major problems.

If your bathroom has enough room this is one of the more luxurious bathtubs you will ever own.

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