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Over the years we have done everything from small commercial projects to unplugging a toilet and everything in between.  If you need a plumber that you can count on to show up on time all the time then we are the plumbing company for you.

From basement bathrooms in Edmonton to freestanding bathtubs in a custom bathroom in Sherwood Park.

Rough in plumbing
Ground work in a basement bathroom and kitchen
freestanding bathtub
Freestanding bathtub

Our service area is Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon, Spruce Grove, Stoney Plain, and all the farms and acreages that are within those areas.

Your plumbing system is a vast arrangement of pipes that flow through your home.  These pipes bring water from the city mains into your home and to your fixtures for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning.  Then when you are finished another set of pipes remove the uses water and other wastes safely from your home back to the street into the city sewer lines.

Plumbing systems have been around for thousands of years and without such systems human life would not be what it is today.  Even when Rome was built if there was not the aqueducts in place the population of Rome would have never been able to grow to that size at that time in our history.

And here in Edmonton can you imagine what winters would be like if we did not have gas lines in our houses to supply the much needed fuel source to heat our homes and our water?

But over time these systems break down as do everything else.  And when that happens you need to be able to call on a reputable plumbing company in Edmonton and surrounding areas to help you out as soon as possible.

Or maybe your situation is different and you need to build an addition, renovate the kitchen or bathroom or develop your basement.  In these cases we are here for you as we have been plumbing for over 25 years and have the experience you require.

When I started to build this site I thought to myself what would I want from a website if I was searching for a plumbing company?  I guess that would depend on my needs at the time of my searching.  For instance if I was in an emergency I would want a phone number to call on right away.  I would also want to know that I could trust that person.  Which you can trust us as we are in good standing with the BBB.

Then at different times I might want to just do some research on a future project.  That is why this website has many different pages to help you understand what is required when it comes to plumbing and gas fitting in your home.  This means that you need to know that whenever you are working on a new development you must have your plumber pull the permit.  If you pull the permit to have someone else do the work then you are not following regulations and this could cause you all sorts of problems later on down the road.  Or even worse if you are not having permits for anything then you are in fact breaking the law.

bbq gas line in summerside
27 years as a gas fitter. Installing gas lines in Edmonton, AB


I also thought that at different times I might want the opinion of a plumber when it comes to the plumbing fixtures and appliances that I might want to buy.  Some of these fixtures can cost way more to install than others and yet have to more benefit than another fixture.  Does this make any sense?  Not to me and it shouldn’t to you either!

Then, if I was a handy person I might want to know how I could quickly repair something myself.  And what better place to go for that information than to a plumbing company’s website?  Through the comments section I would be able to ask questions that would get responses in a timely manner.  This could be of huge value for many of the homeowners in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.

I can also show you how to lay out your basement bathroom if you are developing your basement.  Many people think that you cannot cut cast in an older home or a bathroom has to be located where the ground was installed during the construction phase of the home.  This is not the case.  We have jack hammered up floors and moved bathrooms to a location that makes more sense.  We have also cut cast iron pipe on many occasions to put a branch into the main for a new full or half bath in the basement.  When it comes to plumbing there is always a possibility.

Please take a look around, like our pages, find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KramerPlumbingandRadiantHeat and when you are ready give us a call for all of your plumbing, gas fitting and hot water heating needs at 780-264-0878.