Residential Plumbing Service in Edmonton

Edmonton residential service plumbing companies provide services that consist of plumbing repairs and small plumbing jobs for homeowners and investors that own houses.  If you are looking at doing larger projects check out our article on plumbing renovations.

My most common service call has to do with water leaking from somewhere. Either the person knows where the leak is coming from or troubleshooting is required to find the leak prior to fixing.

Leaks under sinks, in walls or in ceiling spaces can cause quite a bit of damage over time. Where as leaks from a running toilet or drippy faucet will not cause any immediate damage but will increase your water bill.

A 1 drip per second leak will waster about 8700 Liters per year. Click here to see the water use calculator, the cost for this is about $17 per year. Doesn’t sound like much, but most people do not call me until their faucet is dripping at a steady flow, which works out to about 20 times this amount. Bringing the cost up to about $340 and wasting 174,000 Liters per year.

Now change this to a leaky toilet. By the time you can hear the leak the toilet is already leaking about 50,000 Litres per year. Many times I have been called because the toilet has leaked so much the home owners bill has jumped to several hundred dollars per month!

I had one client who’s bill hit $900 per month over the month prior. This can be a huge expense.

Other common leaks are on old copper pipes or old galvanized piping systems. Poly B (the gray plastic pipe) becomes brittle over time and can crack and split creating a bad leak that will require attention immediately.

Another very common leak that can flood your home very fast is a burst water line going to your fridge. These 1/4 inch lines are made of a plastic called polyethylene and are used for fridge water lines and for humidifier water lines. If you have this in your house it is only a matter of time before you have a leak.

Other Potential Flooding From Your Plumbing System

If your sump pump fails during a high water table time here in Edmonton or Sherwood Park you can guarantee that your house will be flooded.

Every spring you need to check your sump pump by pouring enough water that the float rises up and the pump turns on. If the water level is getting high in the sump barrel then you need to change out your pump. There is no way to easily repair a sump pump, these are one of those things that are now disposable in our disposable way of life.
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Replacing Plumbing Fixtures

Most fixtures that get old will need to be replaced instead of being repaired. See my article on repairing vs replacing faucets to learn more on why I say this.

Anything over 15 years old is now on the way out. To repair a faucet that is this old does not make sense.
Repairing toilets does however make sense for the most part. Your toilet has two things that can leak and be repaired easily and leave you with a good working toilet afterwards.

The fill valve and the flapper both have rubber parts that will down over a short period of time due to being immersed in water constantly.

These are the three floods you should be able to avoid in your home.
1. Burst water heater
2. Failed sump pump
3. Burst water line to your fridge

When it comes to flooding you can protect yourself in many cases from having a burst water heater by being proactive. Most regular water heaters only last 10 years now, much longer and you are taking a chance.

I have a lot of clients that have called me up for an emergency water heater replacement that could have been preventive.

The reason some of these can be prevented is because one of the following:

  • Tank has visible rust on the seems
  • Tank has a puddle of water around it
  • Pilot light keep going out because of a water drip inside the combustion chamber
  • All of these mean now is definately the time to change your water heater. By changing the water heater sooner rather than later you are saving yourself a lot of grief as well as saving yourself from a flood caused by a burst water heater. Try to avoid needing an emergency water heater replacement if you can.
  • With your sump pump, regardless of the age, if you add an emergency sump pump to your system you will have double the protection. This way if your sump pump fails, or if your power goes out you are protected.
  • Water lines to a fridge or ice maker should be changed to half inch PEX with a shutoff valve behind the fridge and a stainless steel braided supply tube from the valve to the fridge. If this is not how yours is set up spend the money and get this changed as soon as possible.

Service Plumbing Jobs We Do

Other than what I have already mentioned in this article we also list the following under residential service plumbing.

  • No hot water
  • slow flowing water
  • toilet wont flush
  • dishwasher replacement
  • installing a new dishwasher
  • running a water line to a fridge
  • installing a garburator
  • repairing a garburator
  • removing and replacing a garburator
  • fixing or replacing a shut off valve
  • installing a new sink
  • hooking up new drains for a sink
  • installing a new faucet
  • hooking up a cultivator (appliance for growing your own herbs)
  • fixing leaky faucets, toilets, copper pipe, cast iron, wax seals, valves, water lines, drains, etc…
  • troubleshooting water leaks in walls, ceilings, cabinets, floors, and anywhere else you might find a problem.

In any case, if you need a plumber give us a call at 780-264-0878