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This is a section that I thought I would put together for anyone that is looking to buy their own plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Whether you are remodeling your house or it is just time to upgrade or change out one of your plumbing fixtures or appliances it is nice to get an idea of what to install.

Over the years I get people that will call me strictly for advice on toilets, faucets, dishwashers or other plumbing and gas fitting related products.

The way that I have set up the reviews is based on my own personal experience working as a plumber/gas fitter in Alberta over the last 27+ years. Plus I looked at the larger review sites and took some of their thoughts on these products.

The reviews on this website are about 50/50 based on my experience and based on the 1000’s of reviews of customers using the product.

In case a product only has a few reviews then I went with my own opinion of that product. In a lot of cases online reviews can be construed by people that just review a product for positive or negative reasons without ever using the product.

Also, I am not showing a rating system but instead I am ranking from top to bottom.

Any of the products that are in the top 3 positions I would or I have put in my own home.

I have created two categories for each product type. Best product and best value product. For instance the best faucet and the best value faucet for your kitchen are two different faucets. The reason I did this is because sometimes the best product is very expensive and the second best product is almost as good but at a much lower price.

Most people are looking to save money, but I don’t want you to save money at the cost of buying an inferior product. I hope you live by these standards as well. If however you want to buy another product that is not on the recommended list and need someone to install the product for you we will do this for you.

Click on the links below to get into the review section for that product.


Basin Faucets
Bathtub wall mounted faucets
Bathrub deck mounted faucets
Steam shower

Patio heaters
Garage heaters




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