Commercial Plumbing Service in Edmonton

Plumbing contractors that work in the commercial industry will work on commercial construction projects or they will work in the commercial service pluming industry. Most companies will not do both, but a small percentage does. We are one of those that will do both.

Commercial Construction Plumbing Companies

Working on commercial construction is quite a bit more involved that residential construction plumbing jobs.
Smaller construction jobs like tenant improvements can easily be done by one plumber. Larger jobs like warehouses, strip malls, shopping centers will require a team of commercial construction plumbers.

Larger projects will require multiple teams working on plumbing, hot water heating, and gas fitting to complete the job on time.

At the moment we will take on smaller commercial jobs but do not have enough plumbers on staff to accommodate a larger job. I believe in only hiring dedicated, knowledgeable, hard working plumbers so for us to hire a bunch of people for a 6 to 12 month project does not make sense.

If on the other hand you are a business owner and moving into a new space we would be happy to take on a job like that for you.

Commercial Service Plumbing

A lot of plumbers think they can service any kind of building. But when you get into a building that requires a vast amount of knowledge to make your systems work then you need a good commercial service plumbing company.
We service everything that I talk about under the residential service side of our business. Like toilets, sinks, faucets, dishwasher installation, water heater replacement, and leaks of any kind on water or drain lines.

On top of that we can service or remove and replace; steam traps, prv’s expansion tanks, boilers, zone valves, and heat exchangers to name a few things. Basically if you have something in your building that is not working and has to do with the transfer for water there is a good chance we can fix it. Excluding appliances of course.

Commercial service plumbing jobs can be more difficult than residential service plumbing. The reason for this is the repairs are not as common place as in a house. Many plumbers can repair a lot of problems in a house, but once you get into the commercial world only the creative thinkers can survive.

Many of the repairs require a great deal of thought and aptitude. This is similar to trouble shooting a problem. Some plumbers will never find where a leak is coming from but they can plumb a commercial building fast, effeiciently and correctly. We are all different.

That is why Kramer Plumbing And Radiant Heat hires different kinds of plumbing professionals. That way we can serve your needs during construction and for years after servicing your building.

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