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BBQ Hookup


BBQ Hookup

BBQ hookup Summerside Edmonton

This BBQ hookup job required pulling a permit and running a gas line under the deck.

gas tite used for BBQ hookup in summerside edmonton The piping used is called gastite. This is a flexible gas line that can be used in many places to speed up the process of running a gas line.  The flow volume is less that black iron so sometimes the gas line must be increased in size to accommodate a smaller black iron pipe.  The cost is much higher than black iron.

The reason gas fitters in Edmonton use this product is for the speed that a line can be installed therefore making the cost of the job very similar to the cost of the same job with black iron.

Some rules must be met when running gastite.  You cannot run gastite below 6 feet where the line will be exposed.  The reason for this is someone could easily damage the pipe and a gas leak could happen.

When running the pipe inside of walls hangers must not be used.  That way if someone hangs a picture later on not knowing the piping is in the wall the pipe will move to the opposite side of the cavity in the wall.

finished gas line for BBQ prior to painting The part of the pipe that is screwed to the deck is called a termination fitting.  This is a must to keep from damaging the pipe.  I use these on BBQ gas lines coming through a deck as well as on stoves and cooktops coming through the floor in your home.

The black iron portion of the pipe needs to be painted.  I took this picture prior to painting, then forgot to take another picture after painting.  In all cases black iron that is exposed to the elements must be protected by painting the gas line.

I am the first to admit that my photography skills are a long way from my gas fitting skills…hope you can appreciate that…lol

This particular gas line was a half inch pipe that was then reduced down to a 3/8 inch pipe to attach the quick connect.

When you buy the BBQ you will find that the quick connect comes with it.  If you later move you will want to remove the quick connect from the gas line and take it with you.

On all gas lines for BBQ’s in Edmonton I install a lever style shut off valve.  This makes shutting off the valve when the bar-b-que is not in use very easy.  The other style of shut off valve would require you to use a wrench to shut off the valve each time.

This particular gas line was installed in summerside Edmonton, Alberta, but we have run gas lines through out Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Strathcona County.

This family bought their BBQ from BBQ country at

If you would like to learn more about gas lines check out my other articles at Edmonton gas fitting or about hooking up BBQ’s at Edmonton gas BBQ hook

And if you need any gas fitting work or plumbing work give me a call at 780-264-0878






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