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Plumbing in a Bathroom in Edmonton


Plumbing in a Bathroom in Edmonton

Plumbing in a bathroom has two definitions.

One meaning ‘the plumbing in the bathroom’ and the other one meaning ‘doing the plumbing in a bathroom.’ Many plumbers will say things like ‘I am plumbing in a house’ or I am ‘plumbing in a basement’. Meaning they are working on the plumbing in the house or basement.

In this article I will mainly be talking about the plumbing that is in your bathroom, but later on when I write about basement bathrooms I will talk about what you can do for plumbing.

There are many times you need a plumber from Edmonton or Sherwood Park to work in your bathroom.

For smaller needs like fixing a clogged toilet, installing a faucet, and hooking up a sink after you installed granite or quartz countertops, you might be tempted to to this plumbing work yourself. And as someone who lives in Edmonton I am guessing you are pretty handy. If that is the case follow the links where I explain the DIY projects that you might want to tackle.

Or give us a call at 780-264-0878

Then there are larger plumbing needs in Edmonton, like removing and replacing toilets, cutting into a wall to replace a bathtub or shower faucet, or removing and replacing a dishwasher. These can still be done by some DIY types of people, but the skill level and the frustration level is increased.

Then there is plumbing jobs like removing and replacing a bathtub and faucet, doing a bathtub to shower conversion, or doing a full renovation in your bathroom that involves all of your fixtures.

Then there is basement bathroom developments that may or may not require jack hammering and removal of concrete.

In some cases a permit from the city of Edmonton will be required. In other cases this will not be necessary. Check with your trusted plumber or call the city to find out more.

Plumbing Repairs in Edmonton

Most repairs consist of faucet and toilet repairs or leaks from pipes somewhere in the home. Depending on the age you might want to replace rather than to repair the faucet.

1. Faucet Repair in Edmonton

Older faucets use rubber washers with brass seats while new faucets use small springs and rubber seats or carttidiges that have everything located in the cartidge.
All these rubber peices will break down over time and create a leak. Sometimes the leak will be contained and drip through the spout into the sink, bathtub or shower. Other times the leak will be from an oring and leak onto the counter top, behind the wall or onto the floor.

2. Toilet Repeair

the four big repairs that are needed with toilets are a leaky wax seal, leaking flapper valve, leaking fill valve and having a clogged toilet. Check my article on how to unclog your toilet yourself here.
Anything that is submersed in water for any length of time will begin to break down and eventually fail. This is even more of a problem when rubber is what is submbersed in water.
Most of these parts will be needing replacement anywhere from within 6 months to 10 years. The cheaper the toilet is that you bought the less time before you need to make a repair.

3. Toilet replacement in Edmonton

If your toilet is more than 15 years old then replacing it might make more sense that repairing it.

4. Faucet repalcement

As with toilets a faucet that is over 15 years old might make more sense to repalce instead of repairing.
In some cases a no name faucet that are sold by the big box stores might need to replace instead of repairing simply because there is no parts to buy.

The cost of installing a new sink faucet is about the same cost as repairing that sink faucet. In many cases the cost of labor to replace is cheaper than the cost of labor to repair.

See my article of should I repair or replace my faucet.

Of course with a bathtub or shower faucet repairing gnerally makes more sense that repalcing.

Bathtub Replacement In Edmonton

Now we are getting into partial renovations. When replacing the bathtub you you should also replace the faucet. To replace the bathtub you need to remove the tile and drywall around the tub so since the space is open it just makes sense to change the faucet at that time.

The reason you need to replace the tile and drywall is because the bathtub went in before either of these two went in. Normally in a new house once the house is framed the plumber does the plumbing roughin. This includes setting the bathtub and showers in the house.

Basement Bathroom Developments

Putting a bathroom in your basement adds a lot of value to your house as well as giving you a lot of use value for you and your family.

To add a bathroom in a new house that already has the ground work in place just means running the water lines, installing the bathtub or shower base, installing the bathtub or shower faucet. Then installing all the fixtures at the finish stage of the bathroom after the walls have been painted.

If there is no ground work in place we will need to jackhammer up the floor and remove the concrete from where you want the bathroom to where a there is a drain that we can tie into.

Renovating a Bathroom in Edmonton

More than just replacing your bathroom fixtures you are now removing everything in your bathroom. This includes the bathtub, faucet, toilet, sink, bathroom vanity, mirror, lights, drywall and tile around the bathtub, bathroom fan, and the towel bars.

Everything will then be replaced with new fixtures, new lighting, new accessories, new paint and new flooring.
After you are done renovating a bathroom like this the only thing that will be familiar when you are done is the layout of the bathroom. Everything else will be new fresh and updated!

Re configuring a Bathroom In Sherwood Park

Sometimes when you do a renovation you will want to move your plumbing fixtures around. This type of bathroom renovations means moving your toilet a couple of feet, increasing the size of your shower, adding a second vanity sink, and adding a freestanding tub.

If your bathroom is large enough you can do all of this, if not maybe you can do one or two of these changes.
Most bathrooms do not have the size to move the fixtures around much and the renovations are more of a remove and replace type renovation. When your bathroom is large enough to make some drastic changes then when the renovation is done you will have the bathroom of your dreams.

Adding a Bathroom

This requires some creative thinking in some cases. I have put bathrooms into closets, in kitchens where we had the room to put up a wall, and in porches where we were able to heat the space and make it livable.
As long as we can create a large enough space in an existing room we can add a bathroom.
Other times we have put in additional bathrooms in a house was when we were creating an addition for the homeowner. This can including pushing a wall out or adding on a second floor to a bungeglow.
Of course in these cases the bathroom was part of the design of the new addition.


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