As an appreciation to seniors in Edmonton and surrounding areas we have decided to increase our discount for seniors from 10% to 15% off labor.

This is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time and thought it was time to stop thinking about it and post the change on my website.

This means that if we do a plumbing or gas fitting job for you and you want a quote we will apply the 15% discount to the labor portion of that quote.

We are not able to give a discount on material as our margins on the material are just enough to cover overhead.

As an example if you have a small job that requires a repair that would be considered a service call which is normally $200 plus GST for a total of $210, your cost will be $170 plus GST for a total of $178.50 for a savings of $31.50

Of course the higher the bill the more you will save because of this new discount.

I have been plumbing for 27 years and in business for about 20 or those years.  Other than contractors that I do work for I would say at least half my business is from the seniors market.

We are able to go way beyond plumbing and gas fitting if necessary.  I have contractors that can work with me on larger projects like a tub to shower conversion, wheel chair ramps, grab bars, comfort height toilets, non slip tiles and much more.

If you need any plumbing, gas fitting or any other work done in your home please give me a call at 780-264-0878




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