My three top choices for toilets are:



American Standard

Within these you do have some models that might not be as desirable as other models.  Best rule of thumb is to base the model on the price.  If you buy the cheapest toilet that manufacturer makes then you are going to get a cheap toilet.  Might be better than a no name toilet, but still cheap none the less.

Toto Toilets

I have found that of all the Toto toilets I have installed, the Toto Drake two piece is the most common.

Just to warn you, Toto toilets can be a bit more difficult to install than a regular toilet.  This is because you need to install an assembly that fits over the toilet flange and the wax seal before you can install the toilet.

This is not that difficult but you will need to screw into the floor, which means if you have tile you will need to drill a couple of holes through the tile before you screw the contraption to the floor.

In recent installations I have noticed that not all Toto toilets are using this assembly anymore.

I am sure the purpose of the assembly is to create a better flush with less water, but maybe they have changed their engineering to accommodate the lower water consumption now.

Toto toilets are more expensive than most toilets.  In fact the most expensive toilet I have put in was back in 2008 and she paid $1200 for a one piece black Toto toilet with a skirt.

Careful when buying a skirted Toto toilet, sometimes the roughin for the water line that worked great with your old toilet will not work with a skirted toilet.  I once had to cut into the wall to move the water line 3 inches to be able to work.

Kohler Toilets

I have installed a number of Kohler toilets, most being the model Cimarron.

The clients have always been happy with this brand of toilet.  I have not had a client call me back with any complaints about this toilet yet.

The only downside I have with this toilet is the short warranty period.  Last time I checked they only give a one year warranty on the porcelain while others give 5 or more years.  Not sure why this is, but maybe it is because they change the models a lot and do not want to stock older models.

If you have a banjo countertop that goes over top of the toilet you will need to buy a once piece toilet.  Not many toilet fit under these countertops anymore.  This is due to the design of the toilet to allow more head pressure for the toilet to flush.

American Standard Toilets

I use to place American Standard toilets in the second spot, but the last one I installed leaked a bit.  And the one before that gave me a bit of trouble with the flapper.  I have installed dozens since then, but I always like to wait for at least a year before changing the ranking on what I suggest I would put into my own house.

Gerber Toilets

These are very good toilets for your value.  I have installed a number of these toilets over the years as they have a builder grade toilet that would be installed in many new homes.  I find these toilets flush well and clean the bowl well.

Mansfield Toilets

I have installed a few of these toilets quite a few years back.  These toilets were pretty good then so I am guessing these are still not bad.  I would pay attention to price.  Buying a cheap toilet is never a good idea.

Crane Toilets

Crane was one of the number one toilets back in the day.  They are still a good name brand.

Western Pottery Toilets

These are great toilets.  I have installed a number of these over the years.  Not my first pick of toilets, but a long way from the bottom of the pack.  If you like a design then go for it.

Other toilets that I have installed

Glacier Bay Toilets

Seemed like a good flush but I know the parts can be hard to get for other Glacier Bay products do I would not install one in my house.

Delta Toilets

I have only installed a couple of these, both were the skirted type.  I found these toilet difficult to install but once in place seemed to be pretty good.

Price Pfister Toilets

I have installed a few of these toilets.  The ones I have installed used a similar assembly to the Toto assembly.  I love their faucets but not a huge fan of their toilets.

Jacuzzi Toilets

I have only installed one of these toilets.  The tank was very crammed and made tightening the bolts difficult.

Facto Toilets

I believe this is the name brand for Rona.  As this is not a brand name toilet I would not put one in my house.

Other Toilet that I have Worked on But not Installed

Uberhaus Toilets

Foremost Toilets

Teago Toilets

All of these seemed to be ok, but these not brand name toilets so I would personally not buy one.

As a plumbing company in Edmonton I am not going to turn down work.  Any toilet you buy I will install for you!

If by some chance you ended up on this page because you were searching for your brand of toilet and you were wondering how to unclog that toilet then check out my article on How to Unclog a Toilet here.

Before you buy any toilet you should make sure you know the size of your toilet.  Most today will fit a 12 inch space.  But there are a lot of older toilets out there that are 10 inches.  Meaning you need to buy a 10 inch toilet.  I have a few clients that had me come and install their toilet just for me to get there and find out the toilet would not fit.

Simply measure from the t-bolts or center of the beauty caps to the back wall.  Do you have 10 or 12 inches?

Please give us a call if you need help with anything.